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A keen film shooter since I was a young teenager, I spent my first Summer work paycheck on the coolest camera I could afford - a Canon A-1. That camera now sadly deceased (owing to an accident with a heavy flash and a cheap tripod), I replaced it with a Canon F1-N and a variety of other cameras in various formats... Double 8 cine, Super 8, 16mm cine, 35mm, 120 (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9), 4"x5" and always adding fun new formats & cameras! A City & Guilds in Photography from Henley College instilled in me a love of the darkroom, and of home processing & printing. These days I like to combine electronics and photography by experimenting with shutters, timers, light meters, enlargers, and I recently caught the RA4 bug. I hope to pass on the joy of photography to my 3 children...!

Dave Walker holding an Ago film processor

Ago Film Processor by Vintage Visual – Product Review

Full disclosure – I have been lent a pre-production prototype of the Ago Film Processor to test and review. After the review period I will have the option to purchase the unit or return it to Vintage Visual. What it is The Ago Film Processor is a rechargeable, battery-powered device that allow the user to …

Ago Film Processor by Vintage Visual – Product Review Read More

Colour Pinsta image of daffodils and a car

Pinsta & Full-Colour Instant 4″x5″ Pinhole Prints Without A Darkroom

A few years ago I remember I was scrolling through Instagram when something caught my eye. It was seemingly a video of a black and white paper negative being rocked in a tray of chemicals in broad daylight. Within seconds, the monochrome negative turned to a full-colour positive image before my eyes. I was astonished and set about discovering how this magic trick was done. I had discovered the strange world of RA4 reversal.

Agfa 1035 – What Hamish’s Unloved Camera Did Next… An Ektachrome Adventure – By Dave Walker

Some people may remember Hamish’s post back in November 2018, about the Agfa Optima 1035 camera that was so nearly something he liked, but not quite there: The Agfa 1035 and a Confusion of My PreferencesWell, in the comments, I made a throwaway remark about being able to find it a good home if Hamish didn’t want it. Not expecting anything but a winky-face emoji, I was surprised when Hamish offered to send it to me!

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