Geoff Chaplin

Primarily a user of Leica film cameras and 8x10 for the past 30 years, recently a mix of film and digital. Interests are concept and series based art work. Professionally trained in astronomical photography, a scientist and mathematician.

Geoff Chaplin's Posts

Cascais Portugal Yashica Mat 124G

20 April, 2024

Cascais, Portugal, by Day and Night

By Geoff Chaplin

We went to Cascais in part in reaction to having been to Lisbon recently. As a Portuguese acquaintance said to us “Lisbon is no longer Portuguese”, it is now packe...
Contre-Jour Cascais Yashica Mat 124G

6 April, 2024

Shooting Contre-Jour

By Geoff Chaplin

Three months under cloud cover became depressing – we just had to go somewhere to find some sun to shine on our faces, or even hearts maybe. To lift our mood. We took a s...
Reticulated Cascais

24 March, 2024

How (not) to Reticulate

By Geoff Chaplin

I was developing film away from my darkroom. I had assembled the essential equipment and, because I knew that untreated tap water in Brussels used to be very hard, I had made up...

6 February, 2024

Drinking Districts in Japan VII: Obihiro

By Geoff Chaplin

We went to Obihiro primarily to eat – the food seems so much better than the area where we live – and also to see a friend; unexpectedly I came back with a large p...