Author name: Laura Cogan

Barnsley lass living in Iceland and shooting on Hasselblad 500cm.


Building a Darkroom with Little to no DIY skills – by Laura Cogan

The title suggests I can’t do DIY which is not entirely true. I have been known to wield a hammer from time to time but while the results are functional they’re not particularly pretty. However, my stubborn hubris was no match for the skills necessary to convert my storage space into my new darkroom. If this resonates then this article is for you. On the other hand If you’re one of “those” people who can put up shelves and shit then you can just go ahead and read this with smug abandon.

ice floating in a glacial lagoon

Developing Slide Film – Not for the Faint Hearted – by Laura Cogan

This will be a mish mash of part review, tutorial and warning to all mankind about the perils of developing slide film.

I have a love-hate relationship with colour film of late. I’m still very much a black and white girl at heart but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I decided to give Ektachrome E100 another bash on a bigger scale than my last attempt. Only this time I’d develop it myself. Bear in mind I’ve never developed any colour film before so I knew I wasn’t doing myself any favours to start with. But in true Laura fashion I decided to jump in face first. Go big or go home right?

Positive Negatives

The Whole Roll and Nothing but the Roll – Kodak E100 in Iceland – A Journey into Colour – by Laura Cogan

I have this intention of writing a quick and dirty post about my first (technically not but for the purposes of this let’s pretend) journey into colour film.  We all know I can waffle for the gods on my other articles so whether it turns out like that in the end remains to be seen.  We’ll start with a little introduction and then get straight into the images shall we?  Marvellous.

4 stops zine

Finding the P-Word in Photography – By Laura Cogan

Up until very recently my only outlet for my photography was Instagram. It actually started with my first instagram page which is @laurainiceland where I would very strictly only post what I called “real photos”. These being ones I’d carefully taken and edited either with film or digital, no added instagram filters and absolutely under no circumstances any of myself. I had this instagram ideal in my head for some reason, like it had to be cohesive, all the same and no life so to speak, almost clinical and definitely “professional”.

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