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For someone who never intended to pursue an academic lifestyle, I’ve lasted remarkably long doing that. Unprofessional photographer. Reads and writes by day. Blogs at Posts pictures here.

Canon AF35M Review – Making Mere Adequacy Intriguing – by Torsten Kathke

Canon is the one photography brand that has continually had the distinction of inspiring me the least. There’s nothing wrong with Canon. Canon makes great cameras that make great images. Just wander about a World Press Photo exhibition or check out the sports photography from any Olympics or World Cup or (insert sportsy thing you like here) from the past three decades. Chances are good there’s a brilliant photo in there, shot on a Canon.

Image of Minolta X-700 camera.

Minolta X-700 and 45mm f2 Lens – A love story with an uncertain ending – By Torsten Kathke

Love stories come in more dramatic varieties. But they’re never more true. The 45mm f2 Minolta MD lens was attached to an SR-T 100x I bought in a now-defunct thrift store in Munich. The X-700 followed from eBay soon after. It’s an early model, produced in the 80s when the X-700 was still an exciting and new camera. Automation for the masses.

Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 Review – A Camera Between the Ages – by Torsten Kathke

Look at that, my second review for this site: the Minolta Hi-Matic AF2. It is not the most compact of compacts, and it’s a bit off an odd beast, having autofocus but manual film advance and rewind. It’s clearly stuck between two ages of photography. Why another Minolta? The brand is close to my heart, …

Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 Review – A Camera Between the Ages – by Torsten Kathke Read More

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