Julian Tanase

I am a traveller, entrepreneur, author and amateur photographer. A long time user of classic cameras and film, attracted mostly to photojournalism. I try to instigate people to see rather than look.

Julian Tanase's Posts

23 August, 2023

Rollei RPX 25 in Budapest

By Julian Tanase

Budapest, Hungary. I am probably visiting this city for the umpteenth time, and I am always amazed, taking in the architecture and meanings of this beautiful place. Like Vienna ...

16 July, 2023

Local Heritage Recycled, Reused, Repurposed

By Julian Tanase

I recently visited a small town in Eastern Europe, in the Republic of Moldova. A small country, somewhere on a sliver of land between the Prut and the Dniester rivers, a country...

6 July, 2023

Olympus OM1 – Return of a Classic

By Julian Tanase

In order for you to understand why this camera is so important to me, I’ll have to take you back in the mid-90s. It shan’t be a long journey, I promise. For those of you who wer...

4 July, 2023

Rollei ATP 1.1 with Minox camera

By Julian Tanase

I became acquainted with Rollei ATP 1.1 while searching for an alternative to my usual slow film choices, Agfa APX 25 and Kodak Technical Pan. For a while, Efke 25/KB14 was a go...

16 June, 2023

8×11 film dev reel for Jobo tank

By Julian Tanase

In no way, shape or manner this should be construed as a professional review, for it is not. Just my personal opinion on this 8x11 film developing reel, recently purchased. That...

19 April, 2023

So you want to get into Minox photography?

By Julian Tanase

Would it be a good move for you? I honestly don’t know. Would it? It all depends, I guess, on why you just  bought one (am I right?). Perhaps you found one in an old box of stuf...