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Been taking photographs since my teens and introduced to 35mm when my father gave me his Voigtländer Vito B. I then learned 'proper' photography moving on to SLR etc etc. I still do photography just for pleasure using both digital and film and I have amassed a small collection of mostly Voigtländer film cameras. Find my blog at and on Flickr I stopped using Instagram

Comparing the Zeiss Icon Voigtländer 500 SE Electronic and the 1000 SR – By Nigel Haycock

So, the Zeiss Icon Voigtländer 500 SE Electronic and the Zeiss Icon Voigtländer 1000 SR are very similar brothers from an era of iconic mid-century design and innovation.  (There is also another brother, the 500AE but I’m going to ignore that) I have had the 500 for a while but wanted try the 1000.  It was a while before I could get my hands on one; finally I did and it’s a great little camera.

Remove term: Kilfitt Makro Kilar E 40mm f3.5 Kilfitt Makro Kilar E 40mm f3.5

5 frames with the Kilfitt Makro Kilar E 40mm f3.5 Lens – By Nigel Haycock

I was idly browsing my emails when I saw one from Mike Eckman revealing his week’s picks for recommended reading; I am always happy to receive these as they often point me at interesting posts I may otherwise miss.  On this occasion though, one of his recommendations was for a post I had already planned to read but this did prompt me to actually get on with doing just that.

Mamiya 35 'Executive'

5 frames with the Mamiya 35 ‘Executive’ – By Nigel Haycock

I have to be honest that until now I didn’t know that Mamiya made 35mm Rangefinders.  I saw this one by chance and was intrigued enough to act on whim, paying at the upper end of my comfortable price-range for buying a camera I wasn’t looking for and don’t really need.  This takes my camera count dangerously close to 50 (anyone want to buy a camera or two?).  Mamiya is a name I trust, having a great but slowly dying C330 TLR and I thought (is “thought” the right word? – this was definitely heart over mind but anyway) I thought “why not?”

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