Author name: Ted Ayre

Manchester-based amateur film photography enthusiast. Sharing my learning journey here on 35mmc and via Instagram.

Ilford XP2 – High Street Superhero – Film Review – By Ted Ayre

I like knowing how things work. This is partly why I took up film photography in the first place, because I wanted to understand how pictures could be made. However, I’m not in a position to have a darkroom setup, and at the moment I’m more interested in the results of using film photography as a medium. That means I love seeing my scans come through to my email, trying out different film stocks, and being present with my camera in that moment. For me, the development process is something I’m happy to leave to professionals for now.

Kodak T-Max 400 – Is it my cup of T-grain? – Quick Film Review – By Ted Ayre

When it comes to B&W film choices we are blessed with an abundance of choice, from small companies and creative stocks, to stalwarts of the film industry. I knew of Kodak’s T-Max range for a while, and that it had been used for many celebrity portraits and studio work for years, however I’d avoided it because it said ‘professional’ on the side – and I am very much an enthusiastic amateur!

Buyers’ Guide – Tips for Buying Camera Gear Online – By Ted Ayre

When I was starting out I borrowed a camera from my Grandad, his plastic auto-focus Minolta Dynax 7000i SLR, with a zoom lens. It wasn’t the coolest looking camera, but it definitely gave me confidence to get out there and shoot some more film. Later on my Dad handed me a box of his old 90’s cameras, and I tried a few I liked (and some I didn’t!) but I was lucky to be able to get started with borrowed gear. Before you start looking into buying a camera, if you can, I advise that you try out a friend’s camera and see how you like the experience.

Gear Theory – Shooting Film in the Rain – By Ted Ayre

I grew up on my neighbours’ farm in the Lake District, England and spent lots of time as a child helping the adults outside with the sheep, lambs and cows in the pouring rain. Later on, I’ve lived and worked in Manchester, U.K. for over a decade, which is renowned for it’s grey drizzle and …

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