23 July, 2013

Water fight fun with a Canon Sureshot A1

By Hamish Gill

Not so long ago a pal from over on RPF wrote a review on this camera. I pretty much decided there and then that I wanted a waterproof camera and if I could find one, one of thes...

17 July, 2013

Ricoh GR1s – Shots from a lost weekend

By Hamish Gill

I would be fibbing if I said my late teens and early 20’s weren’t somewhat filled with the actions of a self confessed hedonist. But life changes these ways, respons...

3 July, 2013

A Week in Wales – Part 2

By Hamish Gill

If you missed part 1, it can be found here Day 4, Monday – Ricoh GR1 XP2, Fuji Klasse Portra 400 & Reala and Voigtlander Bessa with Portra 160. Sunshine! Time to make ...

1 July, 2013

A Week in Wales – Part 1

By Hamish Gill

The following is the first part of diary of a week in Wales, I wrote much of this day by day whilst there apart from (obviously) comments on the photos which of course I hadn&#8...

17 May, 2013

First Shots from the Fuji Klasse W

By Hamish Gill

With one thing and another of been run off my feet lately, I’ve managed to finish the first roll of shots from the Fuji Klasse W… All be it mostly of Connie.

15 May, 2013

A selection of Yashica T5 shots.

By Hamish Gill

The Yashica T5 was the camera the got me firmly back into this compact camera shooting lark … I have plenty to say about this camera but for now I thought I’d share ...