The Whole Roll

photograph of an agfa pocket camera laid on top of several packets of 110 film

24 Frames / Whole Roll of 110 Fujicolor in an Agfamatic Pocket Camera on a Countryside walk – By Rock

I haven’t submitted anything for a while: I’m six months into a medical condition that largely effects my upper limbs, in particular so-called ‘clumsy hands’. This has greatly reduced my ability to write and type, and some cameras are just too heavy and fiddly for me now. I haven’t actually dropped any cameras or lenses yet (plenty of cups and dishes, mind!). Anyway, I have had a rethink about how I go about doing my photography.

Positive Negatives

The Whole Roll and Nothing but the Roll – Kodak E100 in Iceland – A Journey into Colour – by Laura Cogan

I have this intention of writing a quick and dirty post about my first (technically not but for the purposes of this let’s pretend) journey into colour film.  We all know I can waffle for the gods on my other articles so whether it turns out like that in the end remains to be seen.  We’ll start with a little introduction and then get straight into the images shall we?  Marvellous.

38 frames / A Whole Roll of Fujicolor C200 in a Canon Snappy LXII – #FullRollFriday – by David Hume

This is part of a project I’ve had going for a while. It’s about aesthetics and observation. I’m trying to strip everything I can out of the process of making an image and then see what’s left.

Each summer for the past thirty-odd years we’ve spent a couple of weeks here at the same beach.

The idea is that every now and again I’ll walk out of the front of our house and stand in the same spot near the sea, point the camera in the same direction and make a frame.

Ghosts on Stairs

The Whole Roll from a Trendy Halloween Photoshoot – By Chase Taylor

I am not a TikTok user myself, but as a college student I think I might be the odd man out. For those of you who are not familiar with TikTok, that’s a topic for another day, but in October of 2020 there was a trend going around where people were dressing as ghosts and taking photos. Some good friends of mine were considering doing this themselves and I promptly offered to take the photos. I thought that the classic look of black and white film would give the photos a unique look.

book and lamp on table

Entering Solitude, or helping myself publish with a #FullRollFriday post – By Theo Swinscow

I’ve realised recently that I don’t share my photos enough. I show pictures of my daughter to my family, but other than that, I have basically no audience. Almost all my spare time is related to photography: taking pictures, developing film, scanning film, editing, listening to podcasts, reading books & articles. But this all happens inside a vacuum, a bubble that I’ve created for myself. Though part of me agrees with Hamish’s idea that the process is as important as the results, that I could potentially take pictures without ever really seeing them, I’ve recently come to see the whole thing as being pointless if I don’t show them to people.

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