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Sirui B25R Bendable LED Light Review – It Bends! – by Sroyon

Last week I reviewed the Sirui T120 Telescopic Light. The light I’m reviewing this week – the Sirui B25R (or to give its full name, the Sirui Dragon Series B25R Bendable RGB Panel Light) – is similar in some ways, but it differs in one crucial respect. While the Sirui T120 is a tube-shaped collapsible …

Sirui B25R Bendable LED Light Review – It Bends! – by Sroyon Read More

Sirui T120 Telescopic RGB LED Light Review – I See You Have Constructed a New Lightsaber – by Sroyon

Sirui is a Chinese company founded in 2001, who make a range of photography and video accessories including anamorphic and cine lenses, tripods and stabilisers. They also produce lighting equipment, and this – as you may know if you’ve read my articles about flash photography – is something I’m very interested in.

Accordingly, when Sirui contacted us to ask if we would like to review two of their recent lighting products – the T120 telescopic light and the B25R bendable light – I was excited to try them out. This article is about the lightsaber-like T120 telescopic light. I’ve also included a brief introduction to RGB LED lights, for readers who are new to such lights (or to continuous lighting in general). My review of the B25R bendable light will appear next week.

Godox Lux Senior with B/W negative film – by Phil Harrison

The photo above shows a Voigtlander Vito B with bulb flash, which was the kit I used in the 60’s for my interior photos and my current camera with what looks like a very similar bulb flash. However this is a very clever electronic flash that collapses neatly into its own body after folding up the reflector petals. The Lux Senior has both Manual and Auto settings, it does not have TTL. It is perfect for film cameras but is also safe on digital cameras. I’ve been using an old Cobra auto flashgun with a piece of white card as a reflector to get a soft light, which is a bit messy and slow to use, but gives a nice light. The Lux Senior doesn’t give as soft a light as the card reflector but its big reflector is not as harsh as most direct flashguns.

35mm negative digitising using the pixl-latr

pixl-latr Review – A Film Scanning Gadget for Someone Who Hates Gadgets – By Nick Davis

Let me preface this pixl-latr review with a confession that I am spectacularly impatient. I’m not restless, and I’m not in an unreasonable hurry. Those things are sort of incompatible with shooting film, right? If a task takes time, that’s fine. But I have no patience waiting for something that I don’t need to wait for. I don’t mind me slowing me down, but something else slowing me down will very quickly find itself in the bin.

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