Advanced Compact

Advanced compact film cameras – like the point & shoots – are mostly quite small. They have more advanced features such as the option to change the aperture manually or switch to manual focus.

In recent years, these cameras have become very much more expensive. They aren’t getting any younger either, and therefore come with something of a health warning. It is quite possible that if you buy one of these cameras it might irreparably fail. That said, it is hard to deny the enjoyment that can be found in shooting them.

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Fujifilm Klasse

Fujifilm Klasse 38mm F/2.6 Review – By David Narbecki

The Fujifilm Klasse (also branded as the Rollei RFM 35) was a premium compact made in 2001, well after the premium compact craze of the early 90’s. With a f/2.6 38mm lens it was originally pitched as an affordable aperture priority premium compact camera aimed at women, travelers and camera enthusiasts. With reversal film being very prevalent at the time, Fujifilm touted the Klasse’s ability to take beautiful color photos of flowers, food, gardening etc. The light compact nature would make portable perfect for snapshots, when traveling or just walking around, while still producing a high quality image for enlarging. And with a classic design and only the necessary functions of a camera, enthusiasts might also enjoy the Fujifilm Klasse.

Konica Hexar AF

Konica Hexar AF – A Love Letter – By Ong Sien Hong

Dear Konica Hexar AF, many have penned their thoughts on you, loved and parted with you. I am writing you this letter because I know you deserved more.First came to know you through Kai’s video on Youtube many years ago when you went against the photography giant (then) Leica M9, and you stood your ground. You, like David versus Goliath, fought and produced images worthy of a camera that cost many times your perceived value.

Nikon 28ti Nikon 35ti

Nikon 28ti and 35ti – Mini-Review – By Ahmed Al Shorouqi

I don’t understand why sometimes people complain about some missing features on a compact camera. It’s 2019 and digital is yet to give us a small full frame point and shoot the size of a wallet. Those 90s compacts are in today’s digital-world terms, full frame, fixed lens compact cameras; I don’t see any digital full frame compacts that would fit in my pocket. All I want from my compact is to be well built, quiet and have a sharp lens.

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