SLR Camera Reviews – SLR (Single Lens Reflex) film cameras are arguably the most versatile. They also range from very simple purely mechanical manual cameras, all the way through to highly complex and technologically advanced cameras with lots of automatic features many of which are discussed in the reviews below.

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Praktica BX20

Praktica BX20 – End of the line for Pentacon – By Bob Janes

I’ve recently been shooting with a Praktica BX20, which was one of the last Praktica models produced by Pentacon before they were wound up in the wake of German unification.

The company Pentacon was born out of a merger of various East German-based camera manufacturers after the war. Most prominent of these was Zeiss Ikon AG Dresden. Over the years KW, Welta, Ihagee and Meyer were absorbed.

Canon 1Ds

Canon 1Ds Review – Happy 20th Birthday to One of the First Full Frame DSLRs – By Brian M Cox

Canon released the Canon 1Ds on September 24th 2002. It was one of worlds the first full frame DSLRs. It was also in sept of 2002 the US got its first Camera phone. Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake officially broke up. Nelly’s ‘Dilemma’ topped the US top 40 Charts. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the number one grossing movie. Social Media didn’t exist. 2002 was the last year film cameras outsold digital. It was a fascinating time for photography. Film and digital were at war. A 120 year old proven technology vs one still being developed. It’s a camera and a time in the history of photography that has been buried with the passage of time.

Pentax 50mm f/1.2 SMC lens on Film with a Pentax LX – by Aivaras

This wouldn’t be review of camera body or lens, there are plenty written. What I’ll share is my personal story of how I come to this set. One more aspect why I’m writing this is that when I was considering the Pentax 50mm f/1.2 lens I found there to be a lack of proper film photos within shared results. So what to expect from it? For those who will be exploring the idea of buying this same glass, hopefully, this piece of writing might be useful.

I just had to come to this particular “corner“; a combination of lens and camera body, that most of film Pentaxians should confess they think about.

Nikon Pronea 6i – Retired & Expired: Experimenting with APS film – By Isaac D. Pacheco

For as long as I can remember, I have loved receiving packages through the mail. The mystery and surprise of unwrapping a stamp-covered parcel is truly one of life’s simple pleasures. Imagine my joy then to recently discover on my doorstep a small paper-wrapped box addressed to me from an old friend and former journalism colleague. Inside the package, I was delighted to find a lost relic of film photography’s penultimate chapter: an IX240-format camera and expired (but unused) Advanced Photo System (APS) film. The letter included with the gift explained that my friend had long since transitioned away from using film, and thought I might get a kick out of experimenting with her old Nikon Pronea 6i SLR since I still use NIKKOR F-mount lenses.

Nikon F2AS

Nikon F2AS Review – The Camera That Filled The Void – By Chris Barrett

On a sticky early morning lines of cars crawling up the small highway give way to vendors for miles on either side of the small country highway. It’s the first weekend of August and the World’s Longest Yard Sale is in full swing for its 35th year in a row. I grew up at the start of it, or for some the end. On top of Noccalula Falls it begins every year, like a three day celebration for antiques, cool finds, and that one thing you know you shouldn’t have bought, but did anyways.
I felt this way about my Black Nikon F2AS, at first. I already had a chrome F2, but never liked the look of it. I used it extensively, but the chrome never filled the void. Looks aren’t everything, sure, but why settle for less!

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