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Leica M8 – With or without a infrared cut filter comparison …

When I posted the first few shots from the Leica M8, I made comment about the colour being a bit whacky inside my living room almost forcing me to shoot black and white. This was caused by my not using an infrared cut filter. A couple of people asked me what I meant by this, so now I have a filter that fits my Sonnar, I thought I’d do a side by side comparison of shots with and without the filter.

My First Roll(s) With A Leica Film Camera Continued – Guest Post by Aukje

In my last post I shared the results of the first roll shot with my Leica M2. I had mixed feelings, mostly missing colour, and was not sure if exposure was right. I got some useful feedback, but as you all know, the turnaround time of film is quite long. So my second and third roll were already sent to a lab when I read your suggestions. However, I was able to put some advise into practise: reading the negatives. A couple of people recommended studying the negatives to learn about exposure.

My First Roll With a Leica Film Camera – Guest Post by Aukje

My first year of shooting film Part 4 My fourth post on this website (read Part 3 here), my third film camera… I guess I can be a bit impatient. I started my adventure in film photography with a Minolta Hi-Matic II (post here), just to see if I would like film. After three rolls with …

My First Roll With a Leica Film Camera – Guest Post by Aukje Read More

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