Loosing control

Seeking Control through Simplifying the Digital Experience – By Vic Mortelmans

I never bought a new camera in my whole life. In my teens I started taking pictures with my father’s old Agfa Silette. Three speeds, manual focusing, no light meter, but setting the exposure based on the pictorial guidelines that are still printed on the inside of lots of film boxes. My next camera, also my father’s, was a huge upgrade: the Pentax Spotmatic F, with a built-in light meter, metering with the diaphragma open and a fast prime lens.

Kodachrome 64 – Digitising for the “Look”? – By David Hume

It started with a kiss… You see, my wedding photos are on Kodachrome 64 (PKR). Just one roll, and a roll of HP5 as well. My brother-in-law and I shot them between us. I processed and printed the black and white myself on fibre based paper and I had some Cibachromes made of the colour. Our album has twelve 6 x 8 prints in it, which is all you need; proof being we’re still married.

Digitising Film – My Adventures So Far – By David Hume

A weird thing happened a couple of years ago; I’d been on a solo bike tour in Western Australia, along off-road tracks through very beautiful and remote country.

I was alone – often for a couple of days at a time, just with the huge trees and the wonderful country down there. It was very restorative, a meditative time, and some days I’d only average a few kilometres each hour as I had to unpack my bike and lift it over fallen trees on the track. I’d had a knee replacement the year before, and I was slowly getting back from that. The year had seemed tough, and the slow pace at which the trees lived their lives was just the lesson I needed to learn.

I was at the beginnings of my return to shooting film, and I’d taken my Nettar 6×6 folder, and had the idea that I’d make one frame a day on my trip.

Pentax MZ5 Kodak 200ASA Year 2000 (Uzbekistan)

Scanning/Digitising My Life – By Jordi Fradera

In normal times, moderately active people, whatever their age, have occupations and hobbies that fill their time – this freedom is essential and with it we can do a lot of things. But in the time of the Covid-19 we lack that freedom, boredom reigns and we have plenty of time. It feels like it is time to execute projects that were asleep. In my case, it has led me to make this article which details another time I found myself with more time on my hands.

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