45mm Lens

Leica M Monochrom typ 246, Chiyoko Super Rokkor 45mm f/2.8, Leitz R filter

Chiyoko Super Rokkor 45mm f/2.8 – Early Experiences – By Agata Urbaniak

Ebay is a dangerous place. One moment you see a funny-looking lens with an eye-catching chunky focus ring in related searches, the next you’re awaiting a parcel from Japan. There might have been some online research done in between those two events, but not much since there’s just one (very good and quite comprehensive) review, an entry in Lens DB, a YouTube video, and a few forum threads, all speaking of this little-known lens in very favourable, if not gushing, terms.

Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DGDN Mini-Review – By JK Lockwood

Sigma introduced the 45mm f/2.8 DG DN lens last year for Sony E-mount and Leica L-mount cameras. It is part of their Contemporary line of lenses. Sigma had four goals when designing this lens: small size, high optical performance, a short minimum focus distance, and exceptional build quality. I believe they succeeded on all counts …

Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DGDN Mini-Review – By JK Lockwood Read More

Image of Minolta X-700 camera.

Minolta X-700 and 45mm f2 Lens – A love story with an uncertain ending – By Torsten Kathke

Love stories come in more dramatic varieties. But they’re never more true. The 45mm f2 Minolta MD lens was attached to an SR-T 100x I bought in a now-defunct thrift store in Munich. The X-700 followed from eBay soon after. It’s an early model, produced in the 80s when the X-700 was still an exciting and new camera. Automation for the masses.

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