Agfa APX 400

Photographic gear

A Photographic Road trip to a Different Greece – By Stelios Themelakis

Greece is usually known abroad for its hot summers, picturesque islands and amazing beaches. And rightfully so. But there is another side of Greece, outside major summer touristic destinations that is equally breathtaking. With my wife we decided to take a road trip to the most north-western part of of the country, a region filled with beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, and stone built villages. It was a great opportunity to get to use both my Bronica SQ-B and my Nikon FM and lots of film.

5 frames with the Nikon FM2 & Agfa APX 400 in my Paris – By Martina Rigotti

My dear Paris, when I came to see you on my birthday, you gave me a wonderful gift: you made me feel free to photograph.
I could look through the viewfinder absolutely where, when and as I wanted to. Then, only if I enjoyed it, I pressed the shutter release button. But it did not always happen: I admit that sometimes I just love to look inside a little bit. I looked inside you, my dear Paris, and you gave me once more a memory that I could keep with me forever.

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