Ingredients to make PC-TEA

17 July, 2024

How to Make Tea… PC-TEA that is

By Sam Hesford

I have been developing my own film for a few years now and am slightly addicted to the process. There is just something magic about loading your film into the spools adding the ...

27 June, 2024

My First use of Caffenol

By Roger

There is lots of advice on this on the web but here is some more, in case it is helpful to anyone. I recently started to use film again and, as it was inexpensive, invested in a...
Plants by a fence, BW reversal

14 February, 2024

The Black and White Paper Reversal Process

By DaveTheWalker

I recently wrote about my adventures in RA4 colour reversal and the Pinsta pinhole camera. Once I had a workable method, I got to wondering about how difficult it might be to pe...

20 January, 2024

5 frames with Zebra Dry Plate Tin Types

By Michael Graziano

When I made the leap to shooting large format this year after almost 20 years of exclusively shooting 35mm film, I immediately was drawn to the wide ranging world of alt-process...