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My First Time Discovering Film – By Bananciat

Backed by a probable longing for something more tangible and needing a change from the mindless snapping that it so readily fired via the iphone camera, it was about time for me to explore the medium of film photography.

After some digging on the World Wide Web (with the help of 35mmc), I ordered my first film camera off a Japanese camera shop on Etsy, and a week later it arrived at my doorstep. An Olympus superzoom 120. According to what I read, it’s ideal for a beginner in film.

Revisiting and Reflecting on my Photographs from 2012 – by Samuel Hardwick

Back in 2012, during my time studying Art and Design techniques in College, I had become quite fond of the idea of using cameras for a project I was working on, and had decided that I was going to take up photography in college full-time. After the completion of my project, I had been exposed to the idea of using cameras as primary creative output, and from this moment onwards, I really started to get used to the idea of taking photographs. First I became quite comfortable with using DSLR cameras, but my newfound interest soon spiralled into much more of a passion for photography which in turn led me to discover the joys of film photography. 

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