Camera Strap

The Humble Strap: From Shoelace to Salvation – By Tim Snow

The epitome of simplicity; it’s a strap. It attaches to your camera to help you suspend it from your shoulder or neck to keep your hands free to drink tea. To help avoid accidental drops. To help express yourself and your style.

Camera straps can range from highly refined designs using the best leathers and brass money can buy to being literal shoelaces. Seriously. I’m from Montreal and I’ve seen my fair share of hockey skate laces attached to Nikon FM2s. Punk rockers with studded camera straps, old journalists with 15 rolls of film held by elastic to the strap, seatbelt style straps…I’ve seen them all!

Peak Design Slide Lite, Field Pouch, Leash and Cuff – A System Review

For the last month or so with varying levels of commitment I’ve been using a Peak Designs Field Pouch with (and sometimes without) a Peak Design Slide Lite strap. Latterly, I have also had added into the mix a Peak Design Cuff and Peak Design Leash. When I started this review I found the Peak Design offering of passing intrigue. Now I’ve now finished writing it, I have completely bought into the system. It’s even managed to round off a new positive opinion towards camera bags…


Cordweaver/Peak Design Strap Review

A few weeks ago I was mooching about on Instagram, and came across a brand of camera strap by the name of Cordweaver. I instantly recognised the potential these straps had for solving a little problem I’ve had for a while. After a quick look at the website, I found they were made by a one man band. I dropped him an email, and after a bit of a conversation I was £25 lighter and had a new strap. Thankfully, my hopes that it would fulfil my specific needs were not let down.

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