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Agfa ePhoto CL18

Agfa ePhoto CL18 – A digicam from the year 2000

I am Eduardo Vecchio, 38 years old, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Back in the 90s, the photos that I took were merely mementos of birthdays and holidays, taken without much thought using a compact 35mm film camera (a Canon Snappy 20 and later a Vivitar PS25). I started taking photos in a “conscious” way not …

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5 Largely Unknown Digital-Infrared Gems – By Dave Powell

For nearly a quarter century, I’ve tested every digital camera that crossed my path to see how well it handled infrared photography. Some didn’t pass muster, like my beloved Minolta Dimage A1. Its APO zoom lens’s optical design and internal coatings threw a bright “hot spot” into every IR photo. And the problem would have persisted even if I removed the camera’s “hot mirror” to allow hand-held infrared shooting.

Sigma DP1 Merrill – Finding perspective in the Mojave Desert – By Brian Cox

This camera will teach you the meaning of tough love. It has a very low tolerance for shooting outside of its comfort zone and is quick to remind you of its limitations. Many of the online reviews will quickly point out its flaws and they aren’t necessarily wrong. Let’s start with those flaws and my “real world” experience.

Battery life? Yes, as the reviews will tell you it’s terrible. I usually have at least four batteries on me when I take this camera out. On the bright side the battery is shared with the Ricoh GR digital which I already owned and had plenty of spares.

The screen? Yes, that’s bad as well. It’s only useful for composing and that’s also a real challenge in bright daylight. No Chimping here folks. What you see on the screen is not an accurate representation of what you actually captured.

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