Fuji X100

Photography vs. Cameras and a Full Spectrum Fuji X100 In the Mist

I have two hobbies: Cameras and Photography. I’ve warbled on about this before, but recently experienced a situation where the difference between the two felt really quite tangible.

In the run up to Christmas, almost invariably, I begin to find myself feeling a little burned out. I have two holidays in a year, one in the summer and one in the winter, and even though the winter one comes sooner after the summer one than the other way round, I always feel like I need the Christmas break more.

Fuji X100 – Kolari Vision Full Spectrum Modified – First Impressions

You remember that time we were able to go and do what we wanted? Yeah, I know it was only a few weeks ago… well, just before things got really weird, we had some really significant flooding in Worcester. The river burst its banks, and for weeks it didn’t return to normal levels. Of course, this isn’t the first time the river has flooded, and it won’t be the last. I’ve photographed it before too. But never with a full spectrum modified and Fuji X100 and Kolari IRChrome filter.

Doing my Thing (with a Fuji or two) – By Thorsten Wulff

I love my Fuji. The X100s that is. A couple of weeks ago I went to a function at the german parliament. Security is tight, like when boarding a plane you face scanners, bullet proof glass, the works. I just brought my X100s, and the security guys were so amazed by it that they asked if the could put it through the X-Ray twice to see it from all sides. Hamish and Steven just got into some of the details of two of the cameras iterations here and here, so I’ll skip that. But for saying that what I love about the X100 is the size, and that everybody believes it’s your dads old rangefider from the 1950s.

5 frames with a Fuji X100 / a reminder of an annoying conversation I had with some Fuji reps

I didn’t take many photos on Christmas day – not with “real” cameras at least. I mostly just used my iPhone. I did take a few shots though – the kids on their new trampoline was too good an opportunity not to try out the Fuji X100 Of course, kids on a trampoline isn’t exactly the easiest of subjects to shoot autofocus, especially with a camera that’s not exactly known for its speed in such departments. As such, I decided to stop down a bit and shoot manual focus using the depth of field scale in the camera.

A Fuji X100 and Solution that isn’t a Solution to my Photography Grump

As many of you might already be aware, for the most part, this year I’ve been a right grump about photography. Despite in many ways finding myself opening more doors than I’ve closed, overall it’s not been a great year for snapping, or my attitude toward it. One way or another, I think one thing is certain, and it’s that my tendency to overthink about things to do with photography has taken hold. I know it has, as even writing this post feels like the product of too much thought and not enough action.

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