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Pentax SLR film cameras

Enjoying Some Pentax SLR Gear Acquisition Syndrome

I’ve had a bit of Pentax SLR GAS recently. I’m not going to try and sugarcoat it, the reality is, I’ve just let myself fall into the trap of buying kit to solve a problem I don’t really have. It’s even got as bad that – at least in some cases – I’ve buying even more kit before I’ve really even had a chance to try the last bit of kit I’ve added to the pile. The unusual thing is, at the end of this path I’ve found myself with a camera I haven’t even bought to review, which is definitely the reason I buy most kit these day. Instead, I’ve bought because I actually think it might really suit me, in some ways at least. But I’ll get to that in a moment…

That Time I Shot an 18-55mm APS-C Digital Lens on a 35mm Pentax Film Camera

Those of you who follow my ramblings will be aware that I’ve recently been through a little bit of a phase of shooting Pentax SLRs. The thing I’m beginning to love about them is how I can mount pretty much any Pentax PK lens on any of the Pentax cameras I own and get some level of functionality. It’s the understanding of that fact that had me dream up this slightly ill-conceived plan.

Pentax P30

Pentax P30 Review – Finding Joy, Despite it not working as expected

A little while ago I picked up a Pentax P30 for £5. I’d been shooting happily with the Pentax MX, but just liked the look of the P30 as a second Pentax body and couldn’t resist it for the cash. I didn’t think much of it really, it wasn’t a camera I’ve really ever paid attention to before, but for what I wanted it for it would do the job – at least that’s what I thought…

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