Minolta X-700

Minolta x-700 with MD 50mm f/1.7

The Whole Roll – 24 exp. HP5+, Minolta x-700, Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 – By Robert Kapp

I desided to write an “Whole Roll” Post. Why? Because my wife allowed it. She’s almost on every roll of film I shoot so I of course need her permission to publish those photos. I often load my camera (this time the x-700) at the breakfast table and I reserve the first few frames for my daughter and wife, although I often struggle with their resistance.

5 (10) Frames Discovering Silbersalz35 250D with a Minolta SLR – By Matthias Steck

Early last year I ordered a set of four cartridges of Silbersalz35 250D film. Silbersalz35 is a small German film manufacturer that uses Kodak Vision3 motion picture film stocks for still photography. Silbersalz35 processes these film stocks in ECN2-process. As I was to eventually discover, they also have a cinematic look that they grade into the images, though I didn’t realise this when I initially ordered the film.

Minolta x700 and Kodak Tri-X

5 Frames Of Kodak Tri-X in An Empty West Edmonton Mall – By Nick Colburn

Back in March of this year, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic reached the city I’m currently living in: Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

For a lot of people, there was a feeling that the virus would never come this far. How could it? Things like this don’t happen where “I” live… do they? This question was answered when case numbers began to rise and doors started to close. Edmonton declared a state of Emergency, and overnight, our city changed.

Image of Minolta X-700 camera.

Minolta X-700 and 45mm f2 Lens – A love story with an uncertain ending – By Torsten Kathke

Love stories come in more dramatic varieties. But they’re never more true. The 45mm f2 Minolta MD lens was attached to an SR-T 100x I bought in a now-defunct thrift store in Munich. The X-700 followed from eBay soon after. It’s an early model, produced in the 80s when the X-700 was still an exciting and new camera. Automation for the masses.

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