Nikon F

5 Frames with a Gifted Nikon F and Ilford Delta 400 – By Dan Smouse

I was contacted a short while back by a friend who told me she had recently purchased a home in the area. The former owners had left her with basically all their possessions, including an “old camera”. Knowing that I love photography, she told me the camera was mine if I wanted it. I couldn’t say “Yes, please!” quickly enough! My mind was instantly filled with the imaginative anticipation of what the “old camera” could be since the possibilities were endless.

Rediscovering the SLR with a Nikon F – By Hern Tan

I have never really gotten along well with reflex cameras. No, this is not some grudge borne out of spite from my quest to reattain my 20/20 vision of yesteryear, and subsequent wranglings with pretty much anything using a (flippy or not) silvered surface to magic the light through a lens into my eye.

No, it goes way back to my two firsts in the world of photography — my first camera, a dinky little Nikon D5100 plastic fantastic, though how I adored it back in the day, and the Nikkormat FT2.

Nikon F

5 Frames with a Nikon F and Kodak Tri-X – By Ian Patton

My first SLR was a Konica, but that was back in the dark ages – my dream was always a Nikon F. Back in the 60’s it was the camera, even the fashion guys were using them. One sunny Saturday morning, having just received my first salary cheque from my first proper job, I found myself in upper Tottenham Court Road in central London entering the hallowed ground of the Fox Talbot Nikon store.

5 frames with my dear Nikon F and Nikkor 28mm f3.5 – by Jano Urda

Hallo, my name is Jano Urda and I am freelance photographer, camera trader and repairer. I can say, I do care to keep film alive, for me, for us. This time, my friend on the road was legendary Nikon F with my all time favourite Nikkor lens – the Nikkor H 28mm f3.5 , which to me, seems perfect. There is just nothing else I need in terms of picture quality, build and handling.

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