14 December, 2020

Pentax Espio 170SL – A One Roll Review

By Hamish Gill

I bought this Pentax Espio 170SL from my local London Camera Exchange. They always have a couple of point & shoot film cameras these days, so I often check for ones that look to...

3 July, 2016

Pentax Espio 120 – 1/3rd roll review

By Hamish Gill

Unfortunately this is yet another post about a camera that's failed me in use. The Pentax Espio 120 actually failed me more seriously than the few others that have failed me bef...

30 December, 2014

Pentax Espio Mini (UC-1)

By Hamish Gill

The Pentax Espio Mini (or UC-1 as it is otherwise known) doesn’t seem to demand quite the outspoken praise that some of its contemporaries do. There isn’t much info ...