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Rollei Prego 125 Review – Shooting a Should-be-Cheap Camera Expensively

When I look at the Rollei Prego 125, I have a horrible feeling that it might have temporarily ruined autofocus point & shoot cameras for me. It’s pretty much as dull as they come, and whilst it has some “interesting” features, none of them are particularly redeeming – at least not for me and my needs. But how much of my negativity comes down to the camera, and how much comes to how much I have spend on it and shooting it?

Rollei Prego 70

Rollei Prego 70 Review: The Trouble With Names – Pedro Trevino’s P&S Journal #3

The Rollei Prego 70 came to me in a box of Olympus cameras; with its aluminum chassis that’s the size of a mju-ii, it stands out from the Trip-branded black plastic affairs. I spend a few weeks with it slipped in my pocket. It troubles me, this camera; each time I shoot a roll, I find a weakness and a strength, and I tell myself to shoot another in order to fairly test its potential. The process ultimately endeared me to the Prego, if just through familiarity.

Ricoh R1 Review (Rollei Prego Micron) – An overlooked achiever – by Benn

While I was visiting San Francisco in September last year, my friend Arachide presented me with handful of cameras. Those were his thrift store finds. I am still amazed by what he can score for price lower than a battery needed to revive it. Besides Minolta Explorer Zoom, he also presented me with two sibling …

Ricoh R1 Review (Rollei Prego Micron) – An overlooked achiever – by Benn Read More

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