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Rollei Prego 125 Review – Shooting a Should-be-Cheap Camera Expensively

When I look at the Rollei Prego 125, I have a horrible feeling that it might have temporarily ruined autofocus point & shoot cameras for me. It’s pretty much as dull as they come, and whilst it has some “interesting” features, none of them are particularly redeeming – at least not for me and my needs. But how much of my negativity comes down to the camera, and how much comes to how much I have spend on it and shooting it?

Rollei Prego AF

Rollei Prego AF review – a gem, provided you don’t drop it…

The Rollei Prego AF is a fairly uncommon 35mm f/3.5 35mm fixed lens point & shoot camera that I’ve been on the look out for a while. They’re not all that common, but in many ways it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for the ones that do crop up. That is, of course, provided that it’s in good working order… and you don’t then drop it, twice…

Rollei Prego 70

Rollei Prego 70 Review: The Trouble With Names – Pedro Trevino’s P&S Journal #3

The Rollei Prego 70 came to me in a box of Olympus cameras; with its aluminum chassis that’s the size of a mju-ii, it stands out from the Trip-branded black plastic affairs. I spend a few weeks with it slipped in my pocket. It troubles me, this camera; each time I shoot a roll, I find a weakness and a strength, and I tell myself to shoot another in order to fairly test its potential. The process ultimately endeared me to the Prego, if just through familiarity.

Ricoh R1 Review (Rollei Prego Micron) – An overlooked achiever – by Benn

While I was visiting San Francisco in September last year, my friend Arachide presented me with handful of cameras. Those were his thrift store finds. I am still amazed by what he can score for price lower than a battery needed to revive it. Besides Minolta Explorer Zoom, he also presented me with two sibling …

Ricoh R1 Review (Rollei Prego Micron) – An overlooked achiever – by Benn Read More

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