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My First Forays in Stereoscopic (3D) Photography – by Sroyon

Rebecca wrote a great introduction to stereoscopic (3D) photography which was published on 35mmc yesterday, and which some of you have probably read already. I only got into stereo photography last month, so I’m just a beginner, and as such, this is more of a personal account. I thought it would be fun to document my initial impressions of what I suspect will become a long-term interest. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I would like to share three important realisations – all quite recent – which really drew me into stereo photography.

An Introduction to Stereoscopic (3D) Photography, and the Stereoscopy Blog – By Rebecca (from Stereoscopy Blog)

I started the Stereoscopy Blog back in May 2019 after I was frequently contacted by people who wanted to get involved in stereoscopy but didn’t know where to start. There were already a few websites and clubs, but they seemed to go straight from zero to overly technical and expected immediate perfection, even before you’d worked out how to pronounce stereoscopy. They also usually focused on just one particular aspect, when in reality stereoscopy is multifaceted; it can be entertaining, artistic, educational and, above all, enjoyable. It also has several different applications.

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