Film Photography News - March 3, 2024

NEWS: Film Photography News Round-Up – March 3, 2024

By Molly Kate

We have a short but fun news round-up for you this week which includes two new 35mm films! Additionally, The Photography Show at NEC Birmingham is right around the corner so we report on the upcoming event here too.

Let’s dive into the news from the previous two weeks.

New Black and White 35mm P33 Film From Film Ferrania

Film Ferrania has revealed their latest film, P33! This is a 35mm 160 ISO black and white panchromatic film created to improve the processing and printing challenges Ferrania says some folks had with P30. They say it will meet the needs of professionals while also opening accessibility to newer film photographers.

Manufactured in Ferrania’s factory in Cairo Montenotte, Italy, P33 will come with 36 exposures per roll. The retail price on Ferrania’s website is $11. However, at the time of writing, they are out of stock. If you would like to pick some up, Don’s Used Photo Equipment and Cinestill have stock at $11.99 (Cinestill price). Don’s Used Photo Equipment is located in Dallas, Texas, and their P33 is available in-store, not online. These are the only two resellers Ferrania lists on their website but check with your usual film source to see if they will be getting P33 in stock.

Film Ferrania P33
Screenshot of P33 Film Ferrania Website

Head over to Film Ferrania’s website for more information here.

SHJC Launches Pre-Order for Shanghai 400 Color Film

SHJC Film aka Shanghai Jiacheng Technology PTY LTD has brought out a color film for preorder on their website called Shanghai 400. This is the same company that makes the black and white Shanghai GP3 films in 35mm and 120.

The film is available for pre-order on SHJC’s website here for $12.99 and will come with 36 exposures. SHJC says this film is not a movie film but has high saturation and a wide exposure latitude. They expect shipping of pre-orders to begin in March.

SHJC Shanghai Color 400 Film
SHJC Shanghai Color 400 Film – Instagram Post Screenshot

Analogue Showcase at the 2024 NEC Birmingham Photography Show – March 16-19

Analogue Showcase is back at The Photography Show (‘TPS’) at the NEC Birmingham March 16-19, 2024. To read all the details, head on over to the separate news article we wrote about it here.

Some of the familiar faces you’ll find at the show include Analogue Wonderland, Intrepid Camera, Solarcan, Zone Imaging, Paterson Photographic, This Is How I Roll, Capix, MS Hobbies, Ilford Photo, Alfie Cameras, The Disabled Photographers Society, Tetenal under the new name Dupli, Wex, Cameraworld, Newell, and Hahnemühle.

Talks in the Analogue Showcase section will be presented by Kate Hook, Paul from Analogue Wonderland, Rachel from Little Vintage Photography, Corrine Gretton-West, Michelle and Neil from Ilford Photo, Lara Platman, Jo Bradford, Paul O’Sullivan from MS Hobbies, Craig Fleming, Miles Myerscough-Harris from Expired Film Club, and Dave from Alfie Cameras.

Zone Imaging will be releasing their new developer at TPS and it should be available from resellers, and retailers then as well.

That’s it for this week! If you have any news to share or any tip-offs then you can either let us know in the comments below or send an email to [email protected].

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By Molly Kate
Photographer, writer, and CPA currently running a Youtube channel called Eclectachrome. I'm a huge fan of shiny new objects which makes writing news a perfect fit. Favorite cameras are often mechanical rangefinders, folders, and compacts and I love most film stocks. I enjoy developing and scanning my own film as well as printing in the darkroom when there's extra time!
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Ronald Lips on NEWS: Film Photography News Round-Up – March 3, 2024

Comment posted: 03/03/2024

I just purchased a few rolls of P33 at

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Molly Kate replied:

Comment posted: 03/03/2024

oh nice!!


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Graham Orbell on NEWS: Film Photography News Round-Up – March 3, 2024

Comment posted: 05/03/2024

That’s good news. I’ve just checked Aliexpress and they have plenty of listings for Shanghai 35m black & white film surprisingly including sizes 620 and 127 as well as 4”x5” sheet film. So presumably they will list the new Shanghai colour film before long. I still have my first camera from 1948. It’s a Box Brownie Model E that uses 620 film. I know 120 spools can be modified to fit but perhaps I’ll crack it up again with Shanghai 620. I’ve previously purchased Hitchcock and Nolan re-spooled Kodak Vision film from Aliexpress without problems

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