NEWS: Analogue Spotlight Update, Ilford Darkroom Survey Results & Intrepid Zine Issue 2

By Hamish Gill

This week has been a little bit chaotic, to say the least. With The Photography Show and therefore Analogue Spotlight being postponed until September 19th-22nd, we began the week trying to organise an alternative event. By yesterday, we had then decided to call the whole thing off in favour of just being a bit more cautious about the CoronaVirus. I’m not gonna lie, all this has been really quite draining, so to have a very large percentage of the analogue community come together in support of the all the decisions we have been making in the background has frankly been fantastic. In short, thank you to everyone who sent me directly or shared words of encouragement on social media – it’s meant a lot and taken the edge off a stressful week!

So what’s next? Well, as I’ve said, the TPS is still going ahead in September and the plans for the Spotlight haven’t changed – in fact, first thing this morning I had a conversation with Ruth about how we could use the extra time we have to make it even better. Nothing set in stone yet, but I will, of course, be announcing any additional plans or changes as and when I have them.

Another silver lining is that all this adversity has brought a few of us closer together too. Whilst I don’t want to sound too self-congratulatory, the general consensus has been one of shared pride in how we managed to club together to make alternative plans so quickly and efficiently… even if they did ultimately fall apart. The upshot is that with the lines of communication being as open as they were, it’s made a few of us reflect on our collective ability to organise stuff, and how we should perhaps organise more things as a group or businesses etc. Again, nothing set in stone, but once the world has stopped ending, keep an eye out for more announcements!

Ilford Darkroom Survey

In late 2019, Ilford invited the analogue community to take part in a survey focused specifically on darkroom printing. The survey ran for a month and had 5,439 responses from 87 countries around the world. The results of the survey can be found here and provide useful and interesting insights into the habits of photographers who use a darkroom as well as further thoughts from those who don’t. Ilford summarise thier findings and go on to talk a bit about how they are going to use them to help and inspire more people into the darkroom in the future.

Intrepid Zine Issue 2

Finally, pictured above, Intrepid have just this morning announced the availability of issue 2 of thier zine. In thier words:

“Continuing our celebration of all of those that use Intrepid Cameras worldwide, Issue 2 focuses primarily on the power of storytelling through large format photography. Whether exploring a theme, or documenting a specific place or time, a single image can reveal so much. Featuring the work of 10 photographers over 70 pages, from the valleys and peaks of the Swiss Alps to the backstreets of New York City.

You can find and purchase the zine here

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