Home Run Towards Happiness – One Shot Story

By Joanna Uruchima

Last summer, I attended my first Chicago White Sox game with someone I was once close to at the time. I was always eager to attend their games, especially since I grew up playing baseball with my brother throughout my childhood. What makes this experience special is the adventure taken to arrive and during the game.

A local bar in Chicago called “Reggies Chicago” offers a summer deal with free Sox tickets and a buffet for only $15 per person. As a Chicagoan, I’ll say it’s a sweet deal not to pass up. After dining on a delicious meal. Everyone relaxed outside for the time being before the buses arrived. One hour passed by, and everyone was getting excited and rallied outside, which I noticed the buses were, in fact, school buses with the door latched out. Despite the faulty door, we all arrived at the stadium lickety-split.

During the game, I pulled out my Canon Sureshot 90u, and inside the point-and-shoot was Kodak Tri-X 400. When it comes to my perspective on photography, I try my best to capture emotions from all ranges across my daily commute and adventures. The game was getting intense as fans were yelling, screaming, and kicking their feet towards empty seats below. Within a couple of minutes, one of the baseball players hit a home run, and everyone (including myself) shouted with excitement, which led me to photograph an everlasting moment of joy.

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About The Author

By Joanna Uruchima
Based in Chicago, IL and part of a local fem photography community called F28.8.
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Gary Smith on Home Run Towards Happiness – One Shot Story

Comment posted: 15/02/2024

Great story JoAnna! I don't think I ever saw the Cubs play at Wrigley in Chicago but I've been to a variety of MLB stadiums over my 70 years. 1st was to the Polo Grounds (wooden grand stand) to see the Mets before Shea was built. Then to Shea a couple of time. Saw the Phillies at the Vet. Saw the Detroit Tigers at their new stadium that's more like an amusement park than a ballpark. Saw the KC Royals sitting just behind the 3rd base dugout. And finally the Huntsville (AL) Stars before the team moved to Biloxi. Despite growing up in Jersey, never saw the Yankees play in Yankee stadium.

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