Sunbeams Analogue Photography News: Kodak Pro Image 100, Yodica and a Particle accelerator

By The Sunbeams

Welcome back, everyone, to the latest edition of the Analogue News from us here at Sunny 16 Towers. We’ve been away for a bit investigating all the hottest scoops, but we’re back now with the news you can use.

Kodak Professional Pro Image 100

First up, good news for film shooters in Europe as Kodak Alaris have announced that its colour 35mm C41 film Kodak Professional Pro Image 100 will now be available across Europe. This is the first time the film has been officially available in Europe, following a successful trial in the UK. Previously only sold in Asia and parts of South America, it has yet to be made available in North America. We’ll have Andrew Church from Kodak Alaris joining us on the podcast next week, so tune in to find out more about why this film is getting a wider release, whether it’s likely to make the jump to the states, and , you know, maybe some questions about Ektachrome.

Psychedelic Yodica

While we’re on the subject of colour films, if you like your photography a little more psychedelic you may be interested in a range of films from fresh new Italian company Yodica. Featuring some of the best 80’s looking packaging going, Yodica produce “colour effect” films, in a similar vein to products currently available from Dubble, Kono and Revolog. With a choice of 7 different looks straight out of the gate, all with cool astronomical names like “Sirio” and “Vega”, if you like the more experimental films then these are well worth a look.

Only available in 35mm at the moment, whoever cracks the code of making special effect 120 film first is going to be onto a real winner.

Yodica films are now available from Analogue Wonderland, who also announced this week that they are shipping to the US and Canada so you can get your grubby mitts on them from across the pond. We’ll be joined by Paul from Analogue Wonderland on next week’s podcast to get an update on how things are going and to hear what the hottest stocks are at the moment.

Blasted Daguerreotypes

In awesome Science news, researchers have been blasting tarnished Daguerreotypes with a particle accelerator to reveal the hidden images underneath! No, this isn’t going to be something that affects your photography, but it is pretty damn cool. By firing non damaging  X-ray beams from an accelerator called a Synchrotron, researchers have been able to trace the mercury deposits beneath the tarnishing and create digital copies of portraits lost to time. You can find out more at Science News, and see some of the pictures they’ve been able to recover.

3 Days left of the pixl-latr Kickstarter

That’s about it for this weeks brief news update, except to say that there are only 3 days left to back the Pixl-Latr on Kickstarter, so if you’ve been leaving it till the last minute, get on it now while you still can…

You can find us at, and download our weekly podcast wherever fine podcasts are given away free. Except for Google Play. And Stitcher, we aren’t there either. If you’re a fan of the hottest of scoops then you definitely won’t want to miss next weeks show, when we’ll be finding out exactly why we’ve got a guest from both Kodak Alaris AND Analogue Wonderland on the same week…

Until then, keep your film cool, your takes hot, and always shoot film and be nice

The Sunbeams


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Dale Willetts on Sunbeams Analogue Photography News: Kodak Pro Image 100, Yodica and a Particle accelerator

Comment posted: 15/07/2018

Goody. I've been wanting to try that Kodak pro image for a while. Just wish I could read anything by the sunnies in my own voice but in my head it's always Graeme's voice. Which kind of scares me ????

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