NEWS: “Analogue Wonderbox” – AW Launch Film Subscription Service

Analogue Wonderland has today announced ‘Analogue Wonderbox‘, a film subscription service. For £50 per 2 month cycle, Wonderbox subscribers will get 6 rolls of 35mm film and a selection exclusive offers, deals and goodies.

Analogue Wonderbox is aimed at the photographer who wants to expand their knowledge and experience of the vast amount of different 35mm stocks out in the world today, but might not know where to start, or who like to be challenged by a bit of a surprise once in a while.

Wonderbox also comes with some interesting quirks when compared to other film subscriptions out there. Paul from AW is devoted to making sure the films featured are unique and interesting with things like converted cine films, creative films with effects, and infrared films featuring. Each cycle these unusual films will come alongside some of the more regular films, but that subscribers still might not have tried.

With 6 films being delivered each 2 month cycle, subscribers are emailed details of each film on a week by week basis. This will give subscribers the understanding to get the best out of each film stock

Just for good measure there, will also be monthly competitions with prizes to be won that will only be open to subscribers. It’s these features that give Wonderbox a bit more personality I feel.

To kick off

For a taste of what sort of films will be included, this is September and October’s films will be:

● Dubblefilm Bubblegum.
● Ilford Pan F
● Rollei 400S

● Bergger Pancro 400
● Lomo Metropolis
● Kodak Ultramax

And also…
● A special Cyanotype kit from Little Vintage Photography
● A flyer for a FREE developed roll with Digitalab
● An exclusive piece of AW merchandise…

In chatting with Paul the other day, this is what he had to say about this new project:

“I love the idea of a film subscription simply because the sheer number of shooting options for 35mm photographers can be overwhelming! And in the face of so much choice the temptation is to either default to the ‘usuals’ or shooting a single roll of whatever’s newest before moving on without really reflecting on the results. And to be clear – I’m as guilty of this as everyone else! This makes it difficult to feel like I’m advancing as a film photographer: understanding the relative strengths/weaknesses of different emulsions and learning how that relates to a specific end result for a project or idea.

“My biggest hope is that by taking time each week to understand a specific roll of film – and then reflecting on the results with a group of like-minded folk via the competition and social media conversations – then we will all become more fluent in the different film stocks out there. As well as having a ton of fun along the way.”

You can never have enough enamel pins

Personally, I am happy to see Wonderbox hit the ground running with some really interesting emulsions and offers – you can’t turn your nose up at free processing! I can definitely see the appeal of this, be it for photographers who have shot film for a long time but (like myself) tend to stick to the same brands and films they already know. It should also be interesting for people just starting out with film who are feeling a little lost on what film to pick. For either demographic, it’s a valuable tool to explore more, Paul if you’re reading this, I’d love a 120 subscription too!

You can check it out here

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