Author name: Aukje

Amateur photographer from the Netherlands, trying to figure it all out. I mainly shoot landscapes, but as I love taking photos I shoot other things when there is no landscape available.

Photo taken with Leica M2 on Ektachrome 100 in Bonaire Washington Slagbaai National Park

My First Rolls of Ektachrome – A Tropical Thunderstorm – By Aukje

It has been a while since I have submitted a story for 35mmc, sometimes life gets in the way of photography. This time I broke my foot, and it kept me indoors most of spring and the entire summer. So when we were able to go on a trip in last September I was keen to take a lot of film, and shoot it without hesitation. I had some catching up to do! A small bonus prompted me to buy some Ektachrome, a film I had not used before, and in the back of my head I already started thinking that I could write about my first experience in an article for 35mmc.

5 Frames With A Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm f/2.8 – by Aukje

Although I mostly shoot a 50mm Summilux on my Leica M2, I do enjoy a different focal length every now and then. What I don’t like is adding lots of weight to my bag. The one lens that tends to surprise people with a proper (heavy!) DSLR-kit the most is my Tele-Elmarit 90mm. It’s tiny and light, and you can keep it inside the pocket of your ripped jeans if you like.

Kodak Ektar 100 – Shooting Fashion In The Dark – By Aukje

I have been a fan of Kodak Ektar for some time, specifically for shooting in low-light conditions such as a forest. It wasn’t love at first sight though. My first experiences with Ektar were in Greece, where I found I had a slight preference for Portra 400 over Ektar, as I didn’t like the saturation of colours that Ektar gives. In the summer in Greece where the light is harsh and the colours are bright Ektar can push it right over the top, at least to my taste. But in The Netherlands, where the light is cooler and softer Ektar works really well for me, specially in the winter. Ironic isn’t it, that I prefer the iso 400 film in the brighter light, and the iso 100 one in low light.

An Instax Project And A Framing Challenge – by Aukje

Two years ago I changed jobs to be able to work closer to home, allowing me to bike to work, and combine commuting with photography. Or at least it gave me more flexibility, with two cameras in a handlebar bag for easy accessibility: a digital M and an instax camera. Part of my commute is a rather picturesque road along a canal lined with trees. I chose this road for a year-long project in 2017, where I made a photo every workday-morning from the same spot with my instax camera.

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