Author name: Chris Pattison

Chris Pattison is an English photographer, writer and web developer from the North East. His images have been displayed as part of the Connected exhibition at Patchings Art Centre and Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Theatre. They have appeared in Amateur Photographer and Outdoor Photography magazines, and online at On Landscape, 35MMC and Edge of Humanity. He has become an accidental collector of 35mm cameras which he is showcasing at

Solar array

Always the Sun – In Admiration of the Selenium Cell Compact Camera – By Chris Pattison

As I write this, a heavy shower has just passed and the sun is beaming down once again. Photons are showering the solar array on my roof and switching our power supply back to free electricity. Solar power has been a long time in the making. The photovoltaic effect was first observed in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel at the astonishing young age of 19.

5 Frames on Skiddaw with an Olympus XA and T-MAX P3200 – By Chris Pattison

I’m lucky. Once in a while a good friend of mine invites me over to the English Lake District. I get to stay at his place with other friends, drink beer, summit mountains and take photographs with cameras given to me for free.Twice in my life I have opened a parcel to see the shy, clam shell face of an Olympus XA looking at me. The first time was unboxing a brand new one on the occasion of my 18th birthday, bought for me by my brother; such a thoughtful and generous man, he had seen how much interest I had taken in his OM cameras and just knew I would love a camera of my own.

Olympus SP & DC Review – Two Olympus cameras, one family holiday – Guest post by Chris Pattison

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.― Benjamin Franklin

A clever chap was Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. He knew a thing or two about preparation. I, on the other hand, found myself to be a floundering father, when I decided soon before a family trip to New York to dispense with common sense and take two newly acquired and untested Olympus rangefinders with me.

The stakes were as high as the Chrysler Building, as I loaded an Olympus 35SP with Portra 400 and an Olympus 34DC with Superia 200. I figured a city like New York called for colour and I believe I got that much right.

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