Author name: Andrea Bevacqua

I am passionate about photography but I have got so much to learn! I am just at the beginning of my analogue journey and I am so thirsty to know and understand how to produce decent images. What fascinate me the most is the street photography and all the stories that it can tells.

36 frames / My 3rd Whole Roll of HP5 – #FullRollFriday – By Andrea Bevacqua

Thinking about which bulk roll of film to buy, I thought it would been nice to give a film that I had not shoot a lot a go. Yes, the ubiquitous Ilford HP5. The photos here below are from the third roll I shot since my film journey began. The first time I tried it, …

36 frames / My 3rd Whole Roll of HP5 – #FullRollFriday – By Andrea Bevacqua Read More

Film Photography – Enriching my Journey like a Topolino – By Andrea Bevacqua

This morning, on my routine ride with my pushbike, I was thinking over about what is photography for me, and I came out with  quite clear picture in my mind. To me is “just” a collection of memories. My aim is to arrive at a certain point of my life and be able to look back at what I have done and who I met during my journey. But also, that it does not matter the method I collected these memories because the method itself is a memory.

First Experiments in Home Developing Colour – My First Steps into Analogue – Part 5 – By Andrea Bevacqua

Carrying on my path of improvements, I wanted to experiment with colour films as well, so I decided to get myself onto Analogue wonderland and pick some up to try. Luckily I have the possibility to shoot 135 and 120 format, so I decided to give both a go. I was almost sure that I would get bad results from the 120 as I’ve never used ad TLR camera and wasn’t even 100% sure the camera I was planning to use was even in working order.

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