110 film

My First Roll of 110 since the 90s – Lomography 110 Tiger Film

Back over Easter we went on holiday in my wife’s van around the west and north of wales. I used 3 cameras whilst we were travelling the Sony ZV-1, a Hasselblad SWC and a Pentax 110 auto. I’ve already reviewed the Sony, and have some thoughts to share about both the Pentax and Hasselblad at some point, though I’m not quite ready on either count just yet. In the meanwhile, I thought it might be nice to write about the first roll of 110 film I’ve shot since the 90s!

110 film cartridge

110 Film in 2021 – A Guide to Shooting, Developing and Scanning – By Bob Janes

Back in 1972 Kodak introduced a new format for stills film. Kodak reused the 110 designation, which had originally been used for a roll-film format about 70 years previously. The 110 cartridge was a single integrated unit which was easy to load and required no rewinding at the end of the roll. The frame size was 13x17mm – not all that dissimilar to the digital Micro 4/3rds format (13.5x18mm).

Having recently borrowed a couple of 110 cameras, I decided to go about shooting, developing and scanning the film myself. 

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