Andrea’s first steps into film

Loading 35mm into 120 Camera (Without Adapters) – By Andrea Bevacqua

I have been intrigued by the look of the sprocket holes with the actual photo, so I wanted to try to replicate it. It is a effect mostly used on colour images and it seems quite trendy at the moment. In order to achieve this look you need to own a camera which takes photos that are larger than 35mm cameras do. As such, one of the easier ways to do this is to load 35mm film in a medium format camera. This can be done in a couple of ways.

Film Photography – Enriching my Journey like a Topolino – By Andrea Bevacqua

This morning, on my routine ride with my pushbike, I was thinking over about what is photography for me, and I came out with  quite clear picture in my mind. To me is “just” a collection of memories. My aim is to arrive at a certain point of my life and be able to look back at what I have done and who I met during my journey. But also, that it does not matter the method I collected these memories because the method itself is a memory.

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