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Leica M10-P Zeiss ZM Sonnar

Leica M10-P Review – A Brilliantly Underwhelming Digital Rangefinder

When I first got my Leica M10-P I referred to it as being brilliantly underwhelming. This isn’t the most complimentary sounding comment I don’t think, but actually it comes from a place of feeling really very satisfied with it as a camera.

For a specific set of my needs, the Leica M10-P does exactly what it’s supposed to and does so in a way that I needn’t put a second of thought into how I use it and what I use it for. But none of this is because it’s the most technologically advanced camera I own – instead it’s because it feels like it’s the most well refined as a concept. And for that alone, I see it as only a little less than a complete success as a camera.

Leica M [typ 262] Review – Saying Goodbye

I’ve decided to sell my Leica M typ 262, so I thought it about time I write a bit of a post about it. This has become a bit of a trend now, I buy a digital Leica, shoot with it for a while, decide to sell it for one reason or another, and then scramble to write about it in the final few days of owning it. It happened with the M8, M9, more recently the M240 and now the M262. Actually, a large part of this is because they don’t often inspire me to write about them whilst I own them, yet I hate to see them go without doing them the justice of sharing a few thoughts.

Konica Hexar RF Review – A Meandering Insight into my Experiences so far

The Konica Hexar RF was pretty much the last analogue m-mount rangefinder I hadn’t shot with, and one of only a couple I hadn’t reviewed. It’s a camera I have been recommended a fair few times over the years I’ve been running this blog. But with it being entirely battery dependent and therefore often unfixable when it fails, I’ve been fairly hesitant to put my money down. Recently though, the opportunity came up to buy one, and at a price and in a condition that gave me enough comfort to take a punt. And I’m glad I did!

Leica M [typ 240] Review – A brief relationship

I’ve spent the last month or so shooting with a Leica M [typ 240]. I bought it as temporary replacement camera after my M262 had to pay a little trip to Germany for some repair work. The Leica M240 has done me proud whilst the M262 has been away, though the experience has not be without a couple of surprises, so I thought I’d write a little bit about what I’ve found.

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