Photography Through The Pandemic – A Spotlight on the Artists: Pt 1

By Holly Gilman

Now that the kickstarter campaign is live we wanted to take some time to share with you the talented artists and photographers being featured in the book. I am going to be putting together a series of articles, mostly in a bid to remind you all of the book, and the fact that whilst we are getting closer every day, we are yet to reach our funding goal.

In each article I’ll be sharing five of our contributors with you, telling you a little bit about their work and where you can see more. And of course, encouraging you to support our kickstarter campaign to get the book made!

Eric Norris

Eric Norris
Eric Norris

Based in the US, Eric is one of our contributors who has a whole host of articles already on 35mmc. You can see his latest one here in which he shares images taken in a post-lockdown trip to Disneyland. Needless to say photography for Eric is a hobby and a passion.

Eric is a keen cyclist and many of his stories and images are of his travels all over the world but through lockdown his main subject was his Poodle Daphne and he’s built up quite the body of work on this one subject which I absolutely love.

You can see more of Eric’s work on his Instagram.

Jorg Oestreich

Jorg (photo featured at the top of the article)  is based in Germany and has worked in many different photographic practices but since the beginning of 2020 he finds himself drawn to pinhole photography. He finds the blur adds emotion to the images and says:

“The blur becomes part of life itself. Both yesterday and tomorrow appear vague or already fuzzy. The future is so unclear. Just as you can’t see the little details when you look at a person, they only become clear over time. For me pinhole photography is straight photography, there is nothing else but a pinhole between reality and the film plane.”

You can see more of Jorg’s work on Instagram.

Farid Laid

Farid Laid
Farid Laid

Farid is a photographer based in Switzerland and another one who has worked across a broad range of photographic mediums. Farid is a photographer by trade but says of his personal practice:

“It’s an inner need to capture objects in a way that feeds my heart with my inner love for the world I am living in. If people recognise that inner emotion that I felt in making the image, that inner love has been passed on. This is photography for me. Photography  makes me happy.”

You can see more of Farid’s work on his Instagram.

Floyd Takeuchi

Floyd Takeuchi
Floyd Takeuchi

Floyd K. Takeuchi is a documentary photographer who is based in Hawaii and does most of his work in the Hawaiian Islands, the islands of Micronesia in the Central Pacific, and in Japan. Or at least he did prior to the pandemic-induced lockdowns and closing of borders. Floyd’s work in Hawaii over the past year and a half includes an on-going project on teaching young Hawaiians to work and appreciate the land as their ancient ancestors did, as well as a portrait series with his favorite model that began 11 years ago.

“No matter the subject, I’m finding my photography has become more introspective, no doubt due to the long periods of enforced isolation we’ve all experienced,” Floyd says.

He was recently able to take his first trip, and it was a long one from Hawaii to a farm in upstate New York to visit family friends. While there he photographed his friends’ granddaughter, a horse whisperer, and turned the photos into a ‘zine. In fact, Floyd has published seven ‘zines and one large format photo book since the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020.

You can see more of Floyd’s work on Instagram.

Shane Balkowitsch

Shane Balkowitsch
Shane Balkowitsch – Solomon Seth Scabbyrobe – Yakama / Blackfeet

Shane makes no secret of the fact that until 2012 he was not a photographer, either by profession or by passion. And even today the only photographic medium he practices is Wet Plate Collodion but my has he mastered it! He is possibly one of the best known names in Wet Plate Collodion and is even the subject of an Amazon Prime documentary. He runs a studio in the US and has been featured in many publications and exhibitions.

You can check out more of his work on Instagram.

Thank you for reading and let us know in the comments if you have any questions for our wonderful contributors!

I have to end by saying please don’t forget to back the Kickstarter HERE!

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