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Photography Through The Pandemic – A Spotlight on the Artists: Pt 2

Welcome to part two of our Spotlight on the Artists. In each article I’ll be sharing five of our contributors with you, telling you a little bit about their work and where you can see more. And of course, encouraging you to support our kickstarter campaign to get the book made!

Jennifer Stamps
Jennifer Stamps

Jennifer Stamps

Jennifer is a US based photographer who I was lucky enough to meet (virtually) through a love of experimental techniques.

“I feel like my photography has morphed over the years. But one thing that remains constant is my love for plastic cameras with plastic lenses. My very first film camera in the digital age was a Diana F+ from Lomography. Everything I created in those beginning months was a piece of reality, never the full picture. I think that’s what draws me to photography in general the ability to capture pieces of
the world that I hope to remember. Whether I am using a plastic camera, souping my film, or purposefully taking soft focus images, I’m drawn to the whimsical side of analog photography.”

You can see more of Jen’s work on Instagram or on her website.

Josh Sitoh

Josh is based in New Zealand and has written a couple of articles for 35mmc over the past couple of years. (See cover photo for an example of Josh’s work).

“Hi there! I am Josh, and I love capturing images both on 35mm and 120 film. My work is very much inspired by landscapes, architecture, and detail. I would say I am very inspired by photographs that evoke a certain sense of nostalgia. A photographer that has inspired me a lot is Ian Howoth. I am primarily a black & white shooter, but I strive to capture the sense of nostalgia like Ian’s colour work. My motto is, if it makes you feel something, then it was worth taking in the first place.” 

You can see more of Josh’s work on Instagram.

Mattias Johansson
Mattias Johansson

Mattias Johansson

Mattias is a Sweden based photographer.

“Photography is my passion and I spend most of my time working with photography in some way. It is my addiction. I often try to explore things that I find strange or interesting. I want to show a new perspective and an alternative view, one that I believe is relevant. It is in the man-altered landscape that I find most of my motives and ideas for projects.”

You can see more of Mattias’ work on his website.

Kary Janousek
Kary Janousek

Kary Janousek

Kary is a US based photographer, mainly working with Wet Plate Collodion.

“Throughout my life I tried various forms of artistic expression, and I enjoyed all of them. To be honest, It’s hard to put into words exactly what drew me to wet plate portrait photography and why I was motivated to stick with it as an art form, but it seemed to combine so many of my interests into one medium, visual art, history, fashion, and emotional fulfillment. Like a puzzle piece it fit perfectly into my world and I haven’t looked back. As of today, I have created wet plate collodion photographs every week since I began without a break.

Most of my images are influenced by themes. I like to create work in sets, or in a series. I find it gives my work purpose, and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment it provides to begin and end something over short bursts of time. It also allows me to swing across many styles, subjects, and concepts, in an organized way. I like the freedom it gives me to bounce around. Some of the series I’ve finished have involved drawing attention to local history, connecting and collaborating with other regional artists, and conceptual imagery that expresses self reflection. I also enjoy experimenting with colored glass, mirrors, and multiple exposures.”

You can find more of Kary’s work on her Instagram.

Joris Koolen
Joris Koolen

Joris Koolen

Joris is based in the Netherlands and has recently started to write articles for 35mmc!

“Photography ticks all the boxes for me. There’s art, there’s history, there’s technology, there’s community, there’s mystery..
Most of all it satisfies an urge to create. It doesn’t necessarily need to be profound or deep, but it gets those wheels spinning and it brings joy and satisfaction after a long winded and mystical process. This only really ends for me with a framed print, although few of my pictures reach that point.  
It has also been a wonderful excuse to spend time outside. I got into photography only a couple of months before the pandemic hit us, and my regular photo walks have done a lot for my struggling mental health. I always like to see the environment around me in different ways, and carrying a camera feels like I’ve grown a second set of eyes. The city has become a living entity, a dynamic collection of light and shapes and textures that never stop interacting with each other in new and different ways.
Even if I stop taking photographs, I’ll never stop seeing. “
You can see more of Joris’ work on Instagram.
As you are probably beginning to gather, although the images here aren’t featured in the book, they are representative of the fact that that the range of different styles and approaches to photography featured is very broad. It is this that brings richness to the content. Not only are all the images vastly different, but the stories that sit alongside them are too. Different stories, but brought together by a shared experience of covid.

Thank you for reading and let us know in the comments if you have any questions for our wonderful contributors!

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