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I run a small blog predominantly looking at the cheaper end of the film camera market over at That's when I can find time between working for the Health service and chasing my weans and Dog around.

Yashica Y35 & DigiFilm

Yashica Y35 Review – Unexpected Expectations – By Alan Duncan

Before it even shipped the Yashica Y35 has become on of the most maligned cameras in history. Its reputation hasn’t improved any since shipping began in September but bar the obvious quality control issues – is the criticism fair? What did folk really expect from a Kickstarter backed camera that cost around $120USD? As a connoisseur of vintage but crap cheap cameras I had to find out.

10 Pocket money Classic Cameras – Part 2 – Guest post by Alan Duncan

In my rundown of great but very different cameras you can buy for the cost of a takeaway, we’ve had some belters. In the first 5 we had a great rangefinder, a 50’s classic, 110 lomo hero, a pocket wonder and a killer AF zoom. But if they didn’t wet your whistle, here are 5 more very different cameras to consider.

Our original 5 cameras are IMHO great but may not have been to your tastes. These next 5 include one of the first mass market cameras right up, a camera still in production today and arguably the best selling camera of all time.

10 Pocket money Classic Cameras – Part 1 – Guest post by Alan Duncan

Psst!! Wanna buy a classic camera for less than the price of a Takeaway Pizza?

Don’t panic and run! This isn’t some dodgy knock off deal or the garage sale find of the century time. You can literally buy with relative ease a great camera with heaps of Kudos for less than a tenner. I’ve been a fan of picking up cheap but great cameras as my blog at Canny Cameras shows.

The Lomo LC-A

Lomo LC-A – 7 Alternatives to the Classic Lomo – by Alan Duncan

The Lomo LC-A has become the iconic ‘marmite’ camera of our times. Whether you love or hate this Soviet era zone focus compact and what it has come to stand for (or not) – there is no denying its popularity and the fact it has become one of the more expensive 2nd hand compacts out there at times rivalling the cost of the Legendary Stylus Epic. But there are alternatives……

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