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Viewing a concert through a cell phone screen

Trying Concert Photography on Film – By Billy Sanford

I’ve been making photographs for most of my life. The first three decades on film, but it was always the traditional usage – family trips, memories with friends, special occasions. I bought a digital SLR when they came out, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I began to try and learn the basics of photography and to take pictures as an activity in and of itself. Coincidentally at that time I had several friends who were in bands. Those bands would play in local clubs on the weekends, and I would go to support them and bring along my camera. I thought it would be a great way to learn some of the basic skills as it relates to all the elements of the exposure triangle. And it was. As a result, those are times I’ve looked back on. Not just for the fun of seeing my friends performing on stage for a crowd. But for how those moments helped my own growth.

Front view of camera and lens

Breaking Digital Habits and Relearning Film With a Leica IIIf – By Christopher DellaCorte

This story begins with an afternoon drive through the local countryside accompanied by my spouse. The air was lovely and warm. The skies were clear. The weather was what we expect for late June in Ohio after enduring six months of gray flannel skies that accompany our winters and much of the spring. As we …

Breaking Digital Habits and Relearning Film With a Leica IIIf – By Christopher DellaCorte Read More

A Year in Slide Film Part 1 – Shooting – By Holly Gilman

I was originally put off shooting slide film because I had heard that you needed to be incredibly precise with your exposure otherwise the whole shot would be ruined. Frankly, when I was first shooting film, I didn’t have enough confidence in my ability and so I kept away.

Strangely enough it was developing my own black and white film that gave me the confidence to try it. I had previously wondered whether the lab were just really good at salvaging what I’d done, but developing myself meant I could learn from each roll and improve and ultimately I felt that my exposures were good enough to try slide film.

Roll 2 Dance Develop

Continuing to Learn C-41 Developing – A Learning Journey By Holly Gilman

I promised a couple of commenters on my last article that I would share some of the “normal” images from my first batch of C-41 developing. Now that I’ve also shared some results from my experimental dance developing I thought I would follow through on that promise.

For those that haven’t read that first article, essentially I tested my C-41 developing on an expired roll of film despite knowing that it would likely be fogged due to the age of the film. I just wanted to make sure that my developing produced an image and was relatively even, which I personally think it was.

Searching for 1950s Motion Picture Aesthetics in my Own Photos – By Ian Do Carmo

I often get my inspiration from motion pictures, and as a collector of film stocks I look for mundane things to shoot while experimenting with various films that I can get a hold of. Movies such as La Strada by Fellini or Japanese productions from Daiei Film Studios and The Invisible Man stand out to me, as do movies such as Dial M for Murder or Rebel Without a Cause.

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