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Canon Resized MultiTele

Canon Multi Tele – The Long Half-Life of a Canon Half-Frame Camera

The Kodak Ektar H35 half-frame camera captivated photographers in 2022 with its retro simplicity. The little plastic film camera is sourced from an overseas manufacturer, Reto, not Kodak, to capitalize on film’s resurgent popularity. The H35 offers one button and one shutter speed (1/100 sec.), but no control of aperture, DX coding, macro, or self-timer.
Offered in four colors, the H35 resembles a mash-up of an Instamatic, a Vivitar Wide & Slim, and a Canon Demi. If you squint. I’m fond of half-frame and quarter-frame cameras as a storytelling option, but I balked at the $49.99 (USD) price for a startlingly basic camera . Rooting through my film camera vault, I unearthed a Canon Sure-Shot Multi-Tele camera I’d purchased in 2003 for $44 via eBay.

Canon Epoca – A Review of A Twice Owned Camera – by Phil Harrison

I blame Kosmo Foto! His article on Ten of the quirkiest compact film cameras reminded me I had once owned a Canon Epoca is a fun camera to use and working well for its age with a pretty good zoom lens. It’s quite heavy and a bit unwieldy but for cheap fun it’s hard to beat., it prompted me to look for a working model and I was lucky enough to find one in good order, they are not expensive, for £20. I found some of my photographs taken with this camera in 1992/3, there’s even a photo of me with the Epoca in it’s case around my neck.

Canon Sure Shot M Mini-Review & Auto-Flash Disable Modification

Just before Christmas I spotted a rather injured looking Canon Sure Shot M (otherwise known as the Canon Prima Mini) in a second hand shop in town. I’ve looked at these cameras a few times – mostly because they look quite nice and are quite small. This one didn’t look as nice, to be fair, but it was only £5, so I thought it worth a punt. As it turns out, it’s knackered nature would make it the perfect candidate for modifying/hacking it so it would never automatically flash.

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