The Most Read and Commented upon Posts Published on 35mmc in 2021

By Hamish Gill

Here we go again, another year gone! As has now become a tradition, the following is a look back at 2021 in terms of the most popular content on 35mmc. I have once again made two lists. The first list is the most read content, the second is the most commented upon. Enjoy!

No.9 – Tokyo XPan – A Cinematic View of Japan – By Mike Amos

A well deserved entry at no.9, and the only article in the most read list that’s not primarily about gear.

You can read the article here

No.8 – Keks EM-01 Shoe Mount Light Meter Review

Keks EM-01

I reviewed a lot of light meters this year. I still have two more to cover. This was perhaps my favourite… well, so far at least!

You can read the review here

No.7 – 110 Film in 2021 – A Guide to Shooting, Developing and Scanning – By Bob Janes

110 film cartridge

One of a few absolutely cracking articles Bob Janes has shared this year. This one is something of a guide to shooting 110 format film in 2021.

You can read this article here

No.6 – Nikon D2H – Bidding On an Old Pro – By Wes Hall

This is the most recent entry, a look at the Nikon D2h. The use of aging digital cameras is becoming increasingly popular – rightfully so. I’ve been banging on about them for a while, and I know an increasing volume of people who get kicks out of shooting them. These old pros have a lot going for them… as long as you don’t mind the weight.

Read the review here

No.5 – TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 ASPH review – by Vincent Bihler

TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95

There was bound to be a super-fast lens in here somewhere. Say what you like about these Chinese m-mount lenses, they have become very popular. Vincent gets some very nice results out of his.

Read the review here

No.4 – Pergear 12mm f/2 lens in Fuji X Mount – Mini-Review – by Iurii Zvonar

Pergear 12mm f/2

Another Chinese lens. These small cheap lenses for mirrorless cameras aren’t exactly perfect, but they certainly offer something interesting to photographers using these small digital cameras.

Read the review here

No.4 – Rollei 35 – My Experiences and Love for these Little Cameras

One of my reviews – I love these little cameras, especially when they are as well fettled as they are when they come from Filmfurbish.

Read the review here

No.2 – Doomo Meter D Light Meter Review – for the “Analogue” Experience

Doomo Light Meter

Another light meter review, and this one made no.2 in the list. I also did a comparison article looking at all the shoe mount meters I have reviewed to date.

Read the Doomo review here

No.1 – Fuji GW690iii – Hands on Review of the Texas Leica – By Benoît Felten

Fuji GW690iii

Finally, no.1 on the list. A review of the Fuji GW690III. A beast of a camera sometimes known as a Texas Leica. Medium format cameras seem to be getting increasingly popular – so it’s perhaps not surprising that this would be the most read article on 35mmc in 2021.

Read the review here

Most Commented upon articles 2021

And now for the most commented upon articles of the year. These differ from most read quite dramatically which is exactly why I like to share them too. They are also a much better cross section of the sort of content we publish on 35mmc, I think. Clicks for gear, comments for otherwise engaging content.

No.9 – Iceland on Mamiya RB67 – by Ľubomír Drápal

First up, some of my favorite images shared on 35mmc this year – some stunning images from Iceland by Ľubomír Drápal.

Read the article here

No.8 – Minolta Autocord TLR: First Impressions – by Sroyon

Next up, a first impressions review of the Minolto Autochord from Sroyon. This is worth a look for both the gear and his stunning portraits.

Read the review here

No.7 – My Search for the Right Developing Tank – By Ciela Guenne

An interesting article that followed a very interesting set of comments from people discussing all sorts of pros and cons of various developing tanks. Something quite everyday for many, so perhaps this conversation doesn’t come up often…?

Read the article here

No.6 – Finding My Analogue Groove – By Laura Cogan

Laura has posted a few articles for us this year. This one was her first – her path into film photography. Also features photography from Iceland. And some swearing.

Read the article here

No.5 – Reflecting on G.A.S and Finding other Distractions – By Holly Gilman

The subject of GAS always gets a conversation going – this time it was Holly’s GAS and how she finds other distractions to channel that same sort of energy.

Read the article here

The Film Community has a Math Problem. Not a Film Price or Kodak Problem – By Matt Wright

I guessed this article would end up in this list when Matt first pitched me the idea. After he sent me the draft, I knew for certain it would. Someone said of this on twitter the other day that it was the most sensible stance on this subject he had come across. I tend to agree. The comments section makes for very interesting reading

Read the article here

Street Portraits of Bike Messengers – Standing by with the Rollei 35 SE – Trevor Hughes

These photos are wonderful! If Trevor makes this into a photobook – which I believe he should – I would definitely buy it. A solid long-term project!

Read the article here

An Experiment in Looking at Photographs – by Sroyon

In this experiment, Sroyon challenges readers to take that little bit more time to really look at a selection of photos. There’s some interesting background here too. Well worth a look.

Read the article here

Who Made You Gatekeeper? My Response to a Bigoted Email

Once a year, at least, something winds me up to the point I have to have a bit of a rant about it. This year’s no.1 most commented post was the comments on that rant. Don’t bother reading this one, it won’t bring you anything positive really.

It does give me the opportunity to end this look back on the year with some words I shared in that article; words that I hope are reflected in the wide range of articles featured in this year’s look back: There should be no line drawn around photography as a pastime, we are all entitled to express ourselves creatively however we damned please, and 35mmc will continue to celebrate that fact!

So that’s 2021! Happy new year!

Thanks for reading, writing for and commenting on 35mmc in 2021!

If you have yet to submit an article to 35mmc, why not make it a new years resolution and get in touch with something you would like to share with the community?

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I started taking photos at the age of 9. Since then I've taken photos for a hobby, sold cameras for a living, and for a little more than decade I've been a professional photographer and, of course, weekly contributor to 35mmc.
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Dan on The Most Read and Commented upon Posts Published on 35mmc in 2021

Comment posted: 31/12/2021

So many inspiring articles, the one that stood out for me was the Trevor Hughes one. Whenever people have an established workflow or well defined project to talk about, I pay attention because my own photography is so all over the place. Anyway, have a good one Hamish. I've been a daily visitor to the site for around 3 years and I finally decided to start chucking you some hosting money via Patreon.

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